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Read Bill Morin's latest letter to the Sno-traveler below!

As the fall continues to move along it has been a busy season for the club. The concession trailer at the Grass Drags and Water Crossings was quite a challenge, with a hurricane coming up the coast no one really knew what to expect. As it turned out Friday and Saturday were excellent days and even though we did get showers on Sunday overall the weekend was a success for the club. I want to thank all the people who put their time and effort in to help make this weekend a success, starting with the crew in Errol who got the trailers and equipment ready for this weekend’s event. Bobby, Frank, Karen and all the rest of the set up crew did a fabulous job. 

The weekend crew really performed great with Russell on the pulled pork, Karen on sausage and steak n cheese sandwiches, Elise and Jackie working the front counter and keeping track of the money, Judy on the burger and dog grill, Jim, Charlie and Dr. John keeping us supplied, Lorraine, Mike and Peter coming in to help us on Sunday and with one of the more heroic efforts in recent years Mara working the fryalators and cooking about 600 lbs of French fries. I also want to mention this year’s planning for supplies was outstanding, Frank didn’t let us down on any product which is extremely difficult to do considering the weather situation. One of the least mentioned but none the less important part of the weekend’s success was the clean-up job done after the weekend in Errol by Bobby, Karen and Frank. Everyone thinks that once the weekend’s cooking is complete the job is done but without the cleanup crew the weekend couldn’t be a success.

As the fall progresses we have several bridge repairs to complete before the season starts and hopefully we can get these done before the snow flies which we all hope will be early and often this year.  As always club meetings will be on the first Friday of each month at the clubhouse on Route 26 if you are in town please stop by attend the meeting.  Hopefully as we get information on trail changes for the upcoming season we can discuss them at the meetings and make sure we have a solution for any challenges that we may face.

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